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Somerset is a wonderful county for cycling with more people cycling to work than in many other counties. It is a fantastic way to travel, being quicker than walking (and sometimes driving) and cheaper than running a car. Cycling is a great leisure pastime and a free way of getting to work and has many health, environmental, social and financial benefits. Don’t forget you can use your Green Travel Voucher to spend on cycling equipment and accessories to help you get out and about instead of taking the car.

If you are thinking of buying a bike to commute to work, check with your employer to see if they have signed up to the national Cycle to Work scheme which provides loans to help employees buy their own bike and make further savings on bike equipment.

Practical information about cycling in and around Wyndham Park:

Cycle route signs are generally white on a blue background

• Be visible. You must use front and rear lights after dark and it is advisable to wear a helmet

• Make sure your bike is well maintained and roadworthy

• Check out the Somerset Road Safety website Somerset Road Safety for advice and courses to keep you safe

If you are new to cycling or need a little training to help gain your confidence, you could talk to your Travel Plan Co-ordinator about running some courses for you and your neighbours.

Full walking/cycling maps can be downloaded from the Somerset County Council website.

Places you might consider cycling to:

Bicycle shops in Yeovil: