Although being able to hop into your car and just drive is very convenient, it may not be the cheapest, fastest or most environmentally friendly option.

In the UK last year, almost 70 percent of the workforce commuted to work by car during peak times, with the average driver spending 124 hours stuck in gridlock annually, and this is set to rise to 136 hours in 2030, equivalent to 18 working days a year.

There are steps that you can take to reduce the impact of driving on your pocket and the environment. So why not consider some of the ideas below and try something new.

Practical information about travelling by car:

• Car Sharing with a friend, neighbour or colleague is a good way to help cut your travel costs. If you don’t know anyone personally to share your journey, why not look at Liftshare which is safe, secure and free of charge.

• Try combining your car journeys, carrying out several tasks in one journey

• Try travelling at quieter times of the day, avoiding rush hour if you can

• Why not use your car for only part of your journey and cycle or walk the rest

• Look into public transport and walking/cycling routes near your home

• Visit the Travel Somerset website for tips on greener driving

Before you set out on your journey, why not take a look at Travel Somerset, which will give you up to date information on any roadworks or delays on your route.